A Huge Secret about New York – Why is the Sky so BLUE here ?


After living in New York for 33 years, I am now officially a Floridian.  So I am allowed to reveal the big secret New Yorkers have been kept to themselves.

With almost a population of 10 million, New York’s carbon footprint for generating electricity and winter heating is almost ZERO!

There is no oil/coal burners in any buildings in Manhattan.  All buildings are heated with steam from Con-Edision.  There is no smokes coming out of anywhere in the winter.

To get electricity, we don’t burn coat, don’t burn oil and don’t have nuclear reactors.   And the rumor that every New Yorker goes home at night and pedals on bike to generate electricity is also false.

To keep our sky blue, we have been purchasing HYDRO power from Canada for 100 years…



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