Boca Attriction (I) – Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

gardenThe Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is a center for Japanese arts and culture located west of Delray Beach in Palm Beach CountyFlorida, United States. The campus includes two museum buildings, the Roji-en Japanese Gardens: Garden of the Drops of Dew, a bonsai garden, library, gift shop, and a Japanese restaurant, called the Cornell Cafe, which has been featured on the Food Network. Rotating exhibits are displayed in both buildings, and demonstrations, including tea ceremonies and classes, are held in the main building. Traditional Japanese festivals are celebrated several times a year.

  • Historical Gardens

    • Shinden Garden (Heian Period, c. 9th – 12th centuries)
    • Paradis Garden (Kamakura and early Muromachi Periods, 13th – 14th centuries)
    • Early Rock Garden (Early Muromachi Period, 14th century)
    • Karesansui Late Garden (Muromachi Period, 15th – 16th centuries)
    • Hiraniwa Flat Garden (Edo Period, 17th – 18th centuries)
    • Modern Romantic Garden (Meiji Period, late 19th – early 20th centuries)
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  • Bonsai Collection

  • 12-150x150.jpg 10-150x150 01-150x150.jpg Willow-Leaf-Ficus-c.-1965-150x150.jpg

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